Developing this project has been a great experience for us. Before starting the project, we were not really looking forward to the tasks we were supposed to do. Some of us have serious problems with English language and we aren't used to reading these kind of subjects in English or even speaking fluently in this language. Moreover, we didn't know the specific terms related to Roman urbanism and we had never studied any subject in English at school.

After all our efforts, we can say that we have had the opportunity of using English language to study contents of the Roman world, comparing the specific vocabulary in Latin, English and Catalan and contrasting elements of our modern cities with  those characteristic of Roman times. Most of us believe ancient world and its cities were not so different from ours even though it could seem the opposite at first sight.

We have worked hard but we have also had fun trying to debate in English or being forced to speak only English when we wished to say something at class. We specially enjoyed our visit to Roman Barcino and all the time spent walking, taking pictures and filming in our town.

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Were roman cities so different from ours?

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